Design and Construction

Ethos and approach to a new project…

Altitude950 design and construction

Altitude950 specialises in building environmentally sustainable, custom designed homes to a high standard finish.

We are design-driven, creating individual homes for individual clients. Our clients require us to share the vision for their home – they expect quality above all else.


We design and build distinctive homes that appreciate quickly in value and are enjoyed for their liveability and lifestyle.

With over 18 years experience in the building industry, our family owned and operated company has experience in all aspects of residential building. From concept to completion, when you deal with Altitude950 you deal directly with its owners.

Design and Construction


Fundamental to our design ethos is the value of light and space. A home flooded with winter sun, or cool and shaded from the harsh summer sun is a pleasure to live in.

We believe it is important that every space meets a need in our client’s day to day lives.


The aim of the design process is to discover together what works for you and what doesn’t. We will help you develop your ideas for your new home or renovation so it is a pleasure to live in and adds maximum value to your home.

The first step is an initial consultation. We will discuss the dimensions, style, cost considerations and constraints of the project. Next, we will visit the site to determine the path of the sun across the site, look at existing trees, plants and other natural features. With a concept drawing, budget estimate and your feedback we will work together until we have created a final design and fixed price quote for your home.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your home.

Why we are different:

Our approach to designs are authentic and original – the perspective we take on your project is specific to your style and needs. We understand that one size does not fit all and we enjoy creating an original dwelling specific to the person you are.




















No design works unless it embodies ideas that are held common by the people for whom the object is intended.
— Adrian Forty