Our Design Philosophy and Ethos…

Welcome to Altitude950 we are a design driven boutique building company, specialising in high quality, environmentally sustainable, custom designed homes.

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We design and build distinctive homes that appreciate quickly in value and are enjoyed for their liveability and lifestyle.

With over 18 years experience in the building industry, Altitude950 is experienced in all aspects of residential building – from concept to completion. Dealing with you directly, we share your vision for your space.

Fundamental to our design ethos is the use of light and space. A home flooded with winter sun, or cool and shaded from the harsh summer sun is a pleasure to live in.

We first consider home placement on the site, what trees can be made a feature, where living spaces and bedrooms are situated in terms of the sun and the flow of the home. There is never a need to put up with a sweltering hot or freezing cold rooms in your home.

We next consider your home’s inner spaces; the flow from one area to another, the view from various rooms and the sense of light and space. It is important to us to avoid wasted or unused space. For example, rarely used formal rooms reserved for visitors can be better used as larger, bright informal spaces that link outdoor terraces or gardens. We believe it is important that every space meets a need in our client’s day to day lives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your home.